About us

RAO company was established in 2011 in response to the growing demand for a dedicated service provider with specialist knowledge in rope access operations.

From the beginning, we work and develop dynamic and continuously evolving specialising in Oil & Gas sector running maintenance and inspection. We fully service onshore and offshore wind turbines and perform a wide range of works at heights in construction and industrial areas.

The company employs qualified IRATA rope access technicians. As a result of this, we guarantee a professional, reliable and timely work as well as availability, broad technical knowledge and a high level of organisation.


We run projects both as a general contractor and subcontractor.

Continuous support

We have been constantly supporting our clients in Poland and other European Union member states in their development and fulfilling their demands.

RAO founders

Grzegorz Matusewicz

Founder of the RAO company. Manager of national projects. He began his adventure with rope work in 2009. Since 2013, he has been working as an alpinist in the energy industry on wind turbines and power plants. From 2016, he focused on repairs and inspections of blades. The Vestas turbines, GE, Nordex and Arcona turbines are no strangers to him. From 2013, the owner of Team Extreme company. Spends his free time diving under water.

  • Rope access team leader
  • Irata lvl. 3
  • GWO
  • Blade B

Marcin Tupalski

Founder of the RAO company. Manager of foreign projects. He started his adventure with rope access in 2000. Since 2013, he works mainly at sea - wind turbines, ships, drilling platforms. Prefers to participate in rigging projects connected with rope access. He has extensive experience in the "heavy lift" industry in Europe and in the world.

Instructor of sport climbing, arboristics and rope access. Since 2011, owner of Timber the tree care company. He took the idea for a job from climbing passion. Till that moment he spends his free time in the rocks.

  • Rope access team leader
  • Irata lvl. 3
  • OTDL P3
  • Opito Rigger st. 4
  • GWO


320 wind turbine services
80 inspections and repairs of propellers
51720 tons of raised structures
13400 hours of training


Wind turbines service

inspections (blades, screws, welds, ladders, rails) | superficial and structural repairs of blades, reconstruction of the propeller surface | cleaning, mouldering, repair of paint coatings both inside and outside | replacement of components | training of evacuation from wind turbines | Experience on turbines GE, Vestas, Senvion and Enercon

Corrosion prevention

sanding | applying paint coatings | conservation | repair of minor damage

Inspections NDT

visual tests (VT) | penetrant testing (PT) | magnetic particle testing (MT) | ultrasonic testing (UT) | thickness measurements | dropt object inspections | equipment inspections (SOI) of brands: Petzl, Inter, Rock Empire, Singing Rock, Meissner (fall arrest system)


rigging up constructions, pipes, valves | transport using chain winches | crane operations | replacement of screws | installation of banners, advertisements | creating Lifting plans

Other works at heights

installation works (compressed air, dehydration, industrial gases) carried out at heights | facade cleaning | replacement of glass in elevations | "stand by rescue“ | work in confined spaces | sealing block dilatation | adventures parks construction (ropes)


evacuation from wind turbines | working at heights | work in rope access | evacuation of pipe, silos etc. | for operators of climbing walls, rope parks, etc.


Rope Access Team

Work at a high level

If you consider yourself an expert at work or are determined to become one of them, send us your CV and join our team.

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